Last changes made on August 12, 2020 RE - New Year

Let’s pass the Old Year and meet the New Year together in Riga and begin the next year by dancing in Jurmala! Welcome to the Riga Embrace New Year encuentro!

We will have festive dinner and milonga first in Riga on December 31 and then move to Jurmala to dance 3 more days – January 1-3.

Our encuentro will take place again in stylish, modern and newly renovated hotel is nestled amidst fragrant pine trees with a welcoming scent of the ionized seaside breeze from the Gulf of Riga Sea, just a 5-minute walk to the Bulduri beach, within easy reach of Riga’s and Jurmala’s premier attractions and a 15-minute drive from the Riga International Airport.

This time we will also keep the concept "all together in one place!" - We will dance, live, eat, visit SPA or walk near the Baltic Sea all together.

An again it will be an event only for close-embrace lovers with using of mirada/cabaceo, separate seating and following of codigos of the milonga.

Programme of the encuentro

Last changes made on August 30, 2020
Thursday, December 31
Time will be announced later Festive dinner in Riga (Place will be announced later) ...
21:00 - 01:00 NEW YEAR EVE MILONGA: White Bathhouse (Balta Pirts, Riga) DJ Marco Evola
Friday, January 1
21:00 - 01:00 SemaraH Hotel Lielupe DJ Igoris Saburov
Saturday, January 2
14:00 - 18:00 SemaraH Hotel Lielupe DJ Camille Boucher
18:30 - 20:30 Dinner in the Hotel Restaurant
22:00 - 02:00 SemaraH Hotel Lielupe DJ Paola Nocitango
Sunday, January 3
14:00 - 18:00 SemaraH Hotel Lielupe DJ Ieva Drevina
18:30 - 20:30 Dinner in the Hotel Restaurant
22:00 - 02:00 SemaraH Hotel Lielupe DJ Anthony Cronin
Monday, January 4
21:00 - 01:00 AFTER-PARTY: White Bathhouse (Balta Pirts, Riga) DJ to be confirmed


Last changes made on August 12, 2020

Registration to the Riga Embrace-New Year will start on Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 21.00 (Latvian time, UTC+2)!

Registration is mandatory!

Maximal number of participants is 120, and we reserve rights to stop the registration of women/men and participants from some countries to maintain a gender-balance and balance between countries.

Please, note that this is event only for close-embrace (no nuevo and open-embrace is welcomed).


  1. FULL MILONGA PASS (95 EUR) includes:
    • Entrance in the encuentro’s milongas on January 1 to January 3 (3 days)
    • Water, light snacks during the milongas

    * Entrance in the New Year’milonga and the after-party milongas ARE NOT INCLUDED!

  2. PARTIAL MILONGA PASS (80 EUR) includes:
    • Entrance in the encuentro’s milongas on January 2 to January 3 (2 days)
    • Water, light snacks during the milongas
  3. DINNERS on Saturday’s and Sunday's evening in the restaurant of the hotel – each 20 EUR
  4. ACCOMMODATION in the SemaraH Hotel Lielupe
    • Standard double room - 79 EUR. If you would like to share the room with somebody and need our help to find the roommate, please, mark it in questionnaire.
    • Standard single room - 69 EUR.
    • Superior room - 110 EUR

For more information and photos of the rooms see the website of the hotel: https:////

Please, note that we do not return the money for MILONGA PASS in case you have paid and cannot come due to your PERSONAL reasons (except reasons not depending on you, like closed border of your country, governmental rules etc.)

We return total amount of the money for dinners and rooms (except 10 EUR to cover expenses incurred for registration and refund) if you withdraw till November 15.

We return 50% of the money for dinners and rooms (except 10 EUR to cover expenses incurred for registration and refund) if you withdraw till December 15.

If you withdraw after this date we do not return any money.

To register to the encuentro, please, complete the registration form. Link to the registration (will become active in the reistration day):

After receiving your registration we will contact you within 10 workdays.

Your participation is not confirmed until you have received the letter from encuenro's organizers. If we do not know you personally we reserve the rights to ask you some questions to know you better. Please, do not buy any airline/train/bus tickets, pay for hotel and obtain a visa before the confirmation of your registration.

If your registration is not confirmed immediately and we put you in the waiting list, don't think that your turn will never come!

To ensure good dancing level we may also put some couples and single men in the waiting list.

Please, note that in our encuentro we don't have the only one principle "if I register as the first one, I get in also as the first one". We always will give preference to more experienced/advanced dancers to ensure good level.


Last changes made on August 12, 2020

DJ Igoris Saburov (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Last changes made on August 12, 2020
Dj Igoris Saburov (Lithuania)

Here is what Igoris says about himself:

I love all tango music. In milongas I prefer to play music of Golden Era, although I am not categorical and tries to feel the interest of the dancing people.

I was DJ-ing in Belarus(Minsk 2015,2016,2018), Belgium(Bruges 2015, 2018,2019 Mouscron 2016, Antwerp 2017,2019), Estonia ( Tallinn 2014, 2015,2019), France (Paris 2016, 2017),Germany ( Kehl 2017, 2018),Italy (Bolzano 2016, Noci 2016, Merano 2016, Milan 2019, Reggio Emilia 2016,Turin 2019), Latvia (Riga 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, Jurmala 2018,Jumurda 2019), Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas, Panevezys, Nida, Palanga, Klaipeda, ...), Poland (Warsaw 2015,Torun 2015, 2016, Olsztyn 2019), Portugal (Lisbon 2015) , Russia ( Pskov 2017, Moscow 2018) ans Spain (Nerja 2019) in different Tango events."

DJ Paola NociTango (Italy)

Last changes made on August 12, 2020
Dj Paola NociTango(Italy)

Paola NociTango, tango dancer, has lived and worked in Argentina, music lover and particularly of tango music, she is well soon become one appreciated tdj. Often present in the milongas organized by the various apulian associations, She is known for the energy that she succeeds in creating in her evenings. Careful and sensitive to the tastes and desires of the dancer with which she loves to interact and that are inspiration and essential stimulus during the milonga.

Tdj in various Encuentros Milongueros but not only, as : “A Promotora” Lisbona (Portugal), Milyonguero 2” di Lione (France), “Juntos” di Sainte Colombe (France), “Tutto in un abbraccio” Cagliari (Italy), “Dans tes bras” Paris (France), “Ecuentro Milonguero Kehl” Kehl (Germany), “La Parada” Padova (Italy), “El Tangone” Lyon (France), “Mirame” Grau du Roy (France),”Retiro Milonguero” Faro (Portugal), “Abrazos de Corazones” Moosburg (Austria), “Encuentro de Brujas” Bruges (Belgium), “Spoleto Milonguera” Spoleto (Italy), “Te quiero Lisboa” Lisbon (Portugal), “La Sabauda” Turin (Italy), “Encuentro Porteño” Amsterdam (Holland), “Dias de Juventud” Lubiana (Slovenia), “Encuentro Boca Antwerp” Antwerp (Belgium), “El Rey del Compass” Arles (France), “Riga Embrace” Riga (Latvia), “Bomboncito” Basel (Swiss), “Gli Imboscati” (Italy), Paquita (France), “Tango Angels” (Italy), “Soñando Amsterdam Marathon” (Netherlands), “Tango8 Marathon” (Germany ), “La Experiencia Milonguera” Villa Giacomelli (Italy), and more….

She is one of the organizer of Encuentro Milonguero TanGOaGOGO (Verbania- Italy), Avventura Milonguera Peace & Love in Noci (Ba-Italy).

DJ Camille Boucher (Marseille, France)

Last changes made on August 12, 2020
Dj Camille Boucher (France))

Here is what Camille tells about himself:

I started dancing in 2006, I naturally came to dj-ing tango in 2010 and I have become more involved and passionate since.

I'm a resident DJ at Le Petit Patio (2011-2015) and at La Fabrica (2011-2020) and all the milonga of the south of France where I hosted more than 250 milongas.

I also played at various festivals, marathons or encuentros : Milonga des 4 saisons (x3), Riga Embrace 3 - 4 and 6 (Riga), La Cita de los amigos (Bruxelles), Martahonguera (La Spezia), La Reunion Milonguera (Venezia), Avventura Milonguera (Noci), Festival international de Meze (Meze), Nuits Tanguera Tango en Luberon (Cadenet), La Griseta (Montpellier, x2), Mirame (Grau du Roi), Paris Capod'Anno (Paris), En tus Ojos (Marseille), El Rey Del Compas (Arles), Dulce De Lecques # 1 and #2 (St Cyr sur Mer), etc.

We started the El 13 Tango Club with three other DJs from Marseille. It became one of the first Djing Tango Association. The goal of this group is to play better music at milongas, using radio and podcast :, organization of major events centred around music, like the European Djing Tango festival "El Rey Del Compas" in Arles (South France), that we created, promotion of restoration of old, inaudible songs.”

DJ Anthony Cronin (Dublin, Ireland)

Last changes made on August 12, 2020
Dj Anthony Cronin(Ireland))

Anthony has been a tango DJ since 2007. He was a DJ long before he discovered tango, DJ-ing in nightclubs and radio in his student days in his native city of Cork, Ireland. Now he DJs Marathons, Encuentros and Tango Festivals at home and abroad. With a long list of countries already under his belt. Anthony is well known on the tango circuit as a dancer and DJ.

"As a dancer first, I know that once I trust the DJ to be consistent my night is better and this is what I seek to give all dancers, comfort that the music will be danceable and flow tanda to tanda. Each time I try to gently tell a story and keep the dynamics changing across the night so everyone gets carried along. I want to live life to the full and laugh and that is what I try to give the dancers and their smiles are what make it all a pleasure.”

Anthony operates with only the highest quality transfers from shellac and vinyl always seeking to give dancers the richest sound possible by playing only lossless digital copies to get all that detail in the music to you the dancer.

You can find out more about Anthony on his DJ page here and also read articles from his research into the stories behind the famous tango songs. Or find his Facebook group dedicated to three greats Troilo, Laurenz and Canaro. The Facebook group is called TLC Tango and there you will also find lots of interesting stories behind famous songs from Anthony.

My program is both large and classical from 30’s to 50’s, my intention is always to follow the pulse of the milonga. I wish to balance the tandas, between tonicity and softness, with one goal: thrill the dancers.

DJ Ieva Drevina (Riga, Latvia)

Last changes made on August 12, 2020
Dj Ieva Drevina (Latvia)

Ieva started to Dj in 2008. All these years she have played in the local milongas, for almost 10 years is running her own regular milonga “Balta Pirts” and playing regularly there music, as well as she has been Dj in tango events in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Russia and Belarus.

As a Dj Ieva plays traditional music - mostly tango of 1930-ties and 1940-ties and also some little older or little newer tandas. When Dj-ing she tries to create smooth flow of music – all her tandas and cortinas makes one united story of the milonga. She tries to connect with the dancers on the dance floor, feel their energy and mood to offer them pleasant, danceable, interesting and energetically charging music with a slight sentimental touch.