DJ Giovanni Liguori (Bari, Italy)

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Dj Giovanni Liguori (Italy)

In 2010 he approaches the danced tango and over time he deepens his knowledge of music and orchestras. This led him to start in 2014 his experience as a musicalizador in milongas and encuentros in Italy.

He is also co-organizer of the tango meeting in the Tremiti Islands: "Tremititango".

About him he says: "when I propose music I never forget that the musicalizador must be at the service of the dancers and I always try to keep high the energy in the dance floor”. Therefore his selections draw mainly from the great orchestras of the ‘30s and ‘40s, with some excursions in the ‘ 50's, always attentive to a correct alternation of rhythm and melody, to create that invisible wave that accompanies the dancers during the milonga.

DJ Irma Gross (Basel, Switzerland)

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Dj Irma Gross (Switzerland)

Irma's connection to Tango is strong… Her background as a musician with classical formation influences her work with Tango - She has been the first violin of Tango-Orquesta “Silencio” for many years, she is a Tango DJ for 19 years and runs her own Milonga in Basel. Living partly in Switzerland and partly in Argentina for many years, her selection of music is strongly influenced by what is being played at the moment at the Milongas of Buenos Aires - adapting to European needs and preferences. Her concept is to carefully choose the music according to the feel of each event and she composes her Tandas in the moment, adapting the style to suit the audience. During weekend-Events Irma is also aware of what the DJs before her are playing to offer a wider variety for the audience. Beside all this, Irma is a Milonguera, a musician of Argentinian Tango and Folklore, and she has her own brand of Argentinian Tango shoes MUNAY. Irma organizes two Encuentro Milongueros in Basel, "Tres Besos" and "Bomboncito".

DJ Wolfgang Weuste

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Dj Wolfgang Weuste (Germany)

Wolfgang started DJ-ing in 2016 because he wanted to delve even deeper into the music. He focuses on traditional music that brings the dancers on the dance floor keeping them there until the end of the milonga. The music of the 30s and 40s has his preference where he aims to maintain a beautiful energy throughout the milonga. In Germany he regularly plays music in Cologne at Tango 8, +Tango Colon, in Wuppertal at Cafe Ada and in Hamburg at La Yumba. International Encuentros, Marathons and Milongas: Riga, Latvia - Kehl,Germany - Nottingham UK, -Roma, Italy, -Noci, Italy, - Sevilla, Spain - Lisboa+Porto Portugal, - Paquita Annecy, France, - Esmeralda, Graz, Austria etc.

DJ Marco Evola (Rome, Italy)

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Dj Marco Evola (Italy)

Marco Evola is a tango DJ since 1998 and has been working in Italy and in other European countries. He proposes traditional music and appreciates to provide simplicity because “the leading figure of the night is not the DJ… but the music…”.

DJ Ieva Drevina (Riga, Latvia)

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Dj Ieva Drevina (Latvia)

Ieva started to Dj in 2008. All these years she have played in the local milongas, for more than 9 years is running her own regular milonga “Balta Pirts” and playing regularly there music, as well as she has been Dj in tango events in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Russia and Belarus.

As a Dj Ieva plays traditional music - mostly tango of 1930-ties and 1940-ties and also some little older or little newer tandas. When Dj-ing she tries to create smooth flow of music – all her tandas and cortinas makes one united story of the milonga. She tries to connect with the dancers on the dance floor, feel their energy and mood to offer them pleasant, danceable, interesting and energetically charging music with a slight sentimental touch.