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Welcome to our autumn encuentro in Jurmala, Latvia! :)

The encuentro again will take place in the resort city Jurmala, in a stylish, modern hotel SemaraH Hotel Lielupe nestled amidst fragrant pine trees with a welcoming scent of the ionized seaside breeze from the Gulf of Riga Sea, just a 5-minute walk to the Bulduri beach, within easy reach of Riga’s and Jurmala’s premier attractions and a 15-minute drive from the Riga International Airport.

We will still keep the concept "all together in one place!" - will dance, live, eat, visit SPA or walk near the Baltic Sea all together…

As our other encuentros, this will be an event only for close-embrace lovers with separate seating. And we kindly invite to express respect and friendliness to each other, use only mirada/cabaceo for inviting and following of codigos of the milonga.

Maximal number of participants is 120.

We will take care of the balance between men/women (leader/follower).

Registration will open on Monday, July 25 at 21:00 (Latvian time, UTC+2)!


Registration is mandatory!

The encuentro's prices:

  1. MILONGA PASS (105 EUR) includes:
    • Entrance in the encuentro’s milongas on October 28 to October 30
    • Water, light snacks during the milongas
    • Entrance in pre- and after-party milongas ARE NOT INCLUDED!

      SemaraH Hotel Lielupe, Bulduru prospekts 64/68, Jurmala, LV-2010, Latvija
      Phone: +371 67752755

      Special prices for the RE-Jurmala participants:

    • Standard double room 75 EUR (37.50 EUR/per person)/ per night
    • Standard single room 65 EUR / per night
    • Superior room 120 EUR / per night
    • The price includes very good breakfast and 1.5 hours every day in the SPA center.

  3. Dinners on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 24 EUR each (buffet-type, includes appetizers, salads, soup, second dishes, deserts, tea,coffee)
  4. Program:

    Thursday, October 27
    20:00 -23:00 PRE-PARTY in Riga, Kr.Barona iela 88, PRE-REGISTRATION IS NEEDED! DJ to be confirmed
    Friday, October 28
    17:00 - 19:00 Dinner
    21:00 - 01:00 MILONGA TDJ Irina Zoueva
    Saturday, October 29
    13:00 - 17:00 MILONGA TDJ Ieva Drevina
    17:30 - 19:30 Dinner
    21:00 - 01:00 MILONGA TDJ Theo Chatzipetros
    Sunday, October 30
    13:00 - 17:00 MILONGA TDJ Paola NociTango
    17:30 - 19:30 Dinner
    21:00 - 00:00 MILONGA TDJ Misha
    Monday, October 31
    21:45 - 00:45 AFTER-PARTY: in Riga, Kr.Barona iela 88, PRE-REGISTRATION IS NEEDED! DJ to be confirmed


    TDJ Irina Zoueva (London, UK)

    Dj Irina Zoueva (UK)

    Here is what Irina says about herself: “I am a tanguera, DJ and creator of Tango Secrets: popular lessons, milongas and practicas in southern England and London. .

    My choice of music is traditional. I prefer tangos mainly from the 30s and 40s, with an occasional tanda from the 20s or 50-60s, or orchestras of the 21st century.

    I like to vary the mood, pace and overall energy of the ronda from tanda to tanda, provoking and supporting the interest and enthusiasm of the dancers.

    I choose only "music for the feet” - the tangos that will make you want to dance every tanda. When I see empty chairs and a full ronda, I know that my goal as a DJ has been achieved!”

    TDJ Theo Chatzipetros (Athens, Greece)

    Dj Theo Chatzipetros (Greece)

    Here is what Theo says about himself: "When I'm djing I like to relate with the people on the dance floor. I always try to guess which can be the best choice in order to create a nice wave and I'm making my selection always on the fly, track by track. .

    I often think about the fact that some couples can have the best tanda ever during my set and that's why each tanda should be constructed having a sense, a path, a sort of uniqueness that can match with the uniqueness of dancing. My experience allows me to work like this and I can't immagine another way.

    The music selection is never predictable, spans the entire period of the tango and sometimes I like to surprise the dancers by proposing some rare tracks. The aim is always satisfying the dancers: nice music for dancing, warm atmosphere to enjoy. I'm using lossless files imported from my collection of CDs and LPs and I work with a sound card and professional software in order to guarantee a high sound quality.

    TDJ Paola NociTango (Noci, Italy)

    Dj Paola NociTango (Italy)

    Paola NociTango, tango dancer, has lived and worked in Argentina, music lover and particularly of tango music, she is well soon become one appreciated tdj. Often present in the italian milongas, She is known for the energy that she succeeds in creating in her evenings. Careful and sensitive to the tastes and desires of the dancer with which she loves to interact and that are inspiration and essential stimulus during the milonga.

    Tdj in various Milongas, Encuentros Milongueros and Marathons in Italy and Europe..and not only

    She is one of NOCITANGO organizer of Encuentro Milonguero TanGOaGOGO (Verbania- Italy), Avventura Milonguera Peace & Love in Noci (Ba-Italy)

    DJ Ieva Drevina (Riga, Latvia)

    Dj Ieva Drevina (Latvia)

    Ieva started to Dj in 2008. All these years she have played in the local milongas, for 12 years is running her own regular milonga and playing regularly there music, as well as she has been Dj in tango events in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Russia and Belarus.

    As a Dj Ieva plays traditional music - mostly tango of 1930-ties and 1940-ties and also some little older or little newer tandas. When Dj-ing she tries to create smooth flow of music – all her tandas and cortinas makes one united story of the milonga. She tries to connect with the dancers on the dance floor, feel their energy and mood to offer them pleasant, danceable, interesting and energetically charging music with a slight sentimental touch.

    TDJ Misha (Latvia)

    Dj Misha (Latvia)

    .... :)))))

    Some photos of the venue:

    SemaraH Hotel Lielupe SemaraH Hotel Lielupe SemaraH Hotel Lielupe SemaraH Hotel Lielupe SemaraH Hotel Lielupe SemaraH Hotel Lielupe SemaraH Hotel Lielupe SemaraH Hotel Lielupe